Nikolas Schubert

Attorney at Law

Criminal law | Traffic law | Employment law | Family law

Nikolas Schubert is a lawyer in Dortmund. After studying law at the Ruhr-University Bochum with a focus on criminology and criminal law, he passed the first legal state exam at the Oberlandesgericht in Düsseldorf. He completed his judicial review at the Dortmund District Court and ended this with the second legal state examination at the Oberlandesgericht Hamm. Since then, he has been admitted to the Attorney’s Office through the Bar Association of Hamm.

Lawyer Schubert speaks English fluently . He also advises and corresponds in this language.

Criminal Law

As an accused person in a criminal case, one is exposed to a special and very stressful situation. Thoughtless and hasty statements to the police or prosecutor’s office can make the difference between condemnation and acquittal. For this reason, it is important to quickly consult a competent criminal defense lawyer who knows your rights and takes care of you throughout the criminal proceedings.

In case of an arrest, detention and police raids, Nikolas Schubert is available by telephone under 0160 99 666 666 24 hours.

A criminal conviction has far-reaching and private consequences. In no case should a criminal defense lawyer be dispensed with for reasons of cost, because, according to the experience, fines and imprisonment are much lower if you are legally represented. The highest priority for a good criminal defense counsel is therefore not to bring a trial to court at all, but to achieve the closing of the proceedings at the beginning.

Nikolas Schubert is a passionate and conscientious criminal defense lawyer. The aim of defense is to achieve the best possible result for the client. Depending on the initial situation of the procedure, lawyer Schubert is able to achieve an ideal legal representation in criminal matters through diplomatic negotiation skills, but also through the targeted use of procedural tools.


Traffic Law

The fast and uncomplicated processing of claims from a traffic accident is one of the main areas of our law firm’s work. A traffic accident is annoying. Especially, if non-culpable. In addition, opposing insurance companies invent more and more reasons to reduce your claims for damages. Hourly rates, transfer costs u. residues of damaged vehicles are partially reduced by 50% by dubious reference companies.

It is therefore all the more important to have a competent legal advisor at your side who knows the methods of the insurers and the highest court rulings in order to enforce your claims in full. Experience shows that insurers pay without hesitation and completely when they realize that their counterpart is familiar with the legal situation.

The advantage for you is that the entire accident handling is carried out by our law firm and that the lawyer’s costs are borne in full by the opposing insurance company in the event of a non-culpable traffic accident. There are no costs for you!